Frequently Asked Questions!

What is the difference between THE WESTMINSTER PLAYERS and THE BRONCWAY?

The Westminster Players oversees all LICENSED works (MTI/Concord Musicals/Plays) while The Broncway oversees all NON-LICENSED works (cabarets, new works, etc). While we encourage you to familiarize yourself with this distinction, it is neither here nor there since you will only encounter us as The Rider Student Theatre Company! 

How many shows are produced each season?

Each year, we propose a minimum of one (1) licensed production per semester and a minimum of one (1) non-licensed production per semester. This has traditionally manifested in the production of a Fall/Spring Cabaret and a Fall/Spring Musical, plus our Annual Holiday Cabaret in December. As of the 2023-2024 season, we have made it our goal to produce a:

We wish to offer as many performance opportunities to the student-body as possible, and offering a diverse season of plays, musicals, cabarets, and original works is the best way for us to do so!

How is the season determined?

As stated in Article IX, Section 2 of our Constitution, “any student may propose a production by filling out a production proposal form,” which was sent out at the beginning of the summer to determine our current season. Once the form closed on August 1st, the EBoard met to narrow down the most highly suggested and/or appropriate submissions. The student-body was then able to vote on their favorites from the narrowed-down list via Google Form, and after twenty-four hours, the voting form was closed and the EBoard planned to submit for the rights to the Top 4 Musicals/Plays. While the actual process of selecting a season might differ from year to year, the student-body will always have a say in the shows they want to see produced under RSTC.

What shows should i not submit to see produced in the upcoming season?

A good rule of thumb is that if it was produced by RSTC within the previous four years, it doesn’t need to be produced again quite yet (see our Archive). Additionally, the licensing fees for certain shows are far too expensive for us to afford as an extracurricular club, or we are located too close to the city to be granted the rights regardless. Lastly and most importantly, although we are lucky to have the support of the DPA Faculty and the Dean of Students, we are still an entirely student-run producing org and as such, we are extremely limited in technical and monetary resources. When pitching shows, it is imperative that the concept is within our recourse-based limitations.

TLDR: It is best to avoid pitching productions that are too expensive or too technical!

I reserved more tickets than I will be using. Is there a way to edit the number of tickets under my order?

The only way to change the number of tickets you reserved for a performance is to cancel the reservation and re-order with the correct amount. The order cannot be otherwise edited. You can also reach out to our house manager and work it out as soon as you realize you will not be using all the tickets you reserved!

How can i stay up-to-date on information?

There are three ways for you to stay up-to-date on important announcements, reminders, and general information regarding our current season. For non-Rider students or staff, your best method is through this website! It is routinely updated with ticket reservation links, cast lists, show posters, and digital programs. For current students, your best methods are via our third-party Email List and our Instagram! By subscribing to our email list, you will receive detailed information regarding auditions, callbacks, performance reminders, and more (and you can unsubscribe at any time). By visiting our Instagram profile, you can explore the quick links in our bio and fill out any active forms, see pictures/videos from productions, and celebrate your classmates as they appear on our show banners. Whatever information gets facilitated through one source will always be facilitated through the others as well, however, we highly encourage you to navigate all three platforms however you see fit!

What is the EBoard?

The EBoard is comprised of RSTC's six (6) officers: the President, the Vice President, the Technical Director, the Secretary, the Historian, and the Treasurer. These individuals spearhead the club and its affairs on an organizational level. As stated in Article V, Section 1 of our Constitution: 

"The Executive Board must consist of full-time undergraduate students enrolled at Rider University. This 'EBoard,' alongside their Faculty Advisor; the Associate Dean of Campus Life; the Director of Production Management; and the Scheduling Office, will be included in the selection and structuring of the organization’s academic season and the handling of contract violations. This Executive Board shall consist of:

(Revised April 2024)

Although all casting decisions require the EBoard's final approval, these individuals do not have say in who gets cast in any capacity beyond the Performer and Creative Contracts (ie: the EBoard may prevent a student from being cast if they are ineligible due to conflicts, but they may not prevent a student from being cast because they personally did not think they were fit for any particular role). Subsequently, individuals holding EBoard positions may also audition for RSTC productions, but they are not prioritized over any of their peers.

What is the Advising Board?

The Advising Board consists of a maximum of eight members, a House Manager, a Presented Works Director, an Outreach Director, and five technical department managers that fall directly under the Executive Technical Director. These individuals work in tandem with the EBoard to help with the things that either do not fall on the EBoard's direct responsibilities, or help support the members of the EBoard with their responsibilities.

As stated in Article V Section 3 of the Rider Student Theater Companies Constitution, "The Advisory Committee shall serve as an extension of the Executive Board. This Committee will be comprised of individuals with specific expertise to advise the EBoard based on their experience. Though they will not have an official vote, their input will be taken into consideration in the selection and structuring of the organization's academic season." 

How do i become a member of the EBoard or advising Board?

As stated in Article V, Section 2 of our Constitution, "Executive Board members are chosen for one (1) academic term and may be reinstated for additional terms. Elections for Board members shall be held in the month of April before the end of every academic year." If you are interested in running for an EBoard position, you will have a chance to do so in the Spring so that the remaining student-body can vote before the semester concludes.